About My Art 

I like to contemplate landscapes especially. I imagine that the effects and play of light upon the shapes and surfaces of the Eastern Sierra are as dynamic and fascinating as anywhere in the world and hence the subject for the majority of my work.
Landscape, I believe, shapes culture and when a landscape is negatively altered or defaced, the culture is impoverished on many levels. From the mid nineteenth century to present art has played a remarkable role in the movement to protect landscapes and the living things that reside therein. In my own humble way, I would like to be part of that tradition by making art that sparks an awareness of our interrelatedness with nature and the landscape. 

I like watercolor because of the medium's ability to convey light and atmospheric effects and the often unpredictable interaction with the surface it's applied to. I also enjoy working with acrylic for larger works.
Although I studied Art for a while at the Ohio State University, I consider myself a self-taught painter. In 1990 I moved out west, spending most of that year hiking around the Eastern Sierra. Two things became obvious to me during this period. One was that I wanted to do some kind of work involving the outdoors. The other was that I wanted to begin painting the unbelievable landscapes unfolding before me, and eventually develop my art to a degree where I could earn an income from it. I wasn't entirely sure how I should go about doing either.

In 2001 I moved to the Owens Valley in order to devote more time and attention to my painting. I find the Eastern Sierra an endless source of inspiration. In addition to painting I work as a ranger for Inyo National Forest and the Bureau of Land Management. Working to protect the landscapes that I draw inspiration from is fulfilling and symbiotic. The growing contingent of painters, photographers, sculptors, and other artists living here in the Eastern Sierra inspire me as well.  Studying the modern masters from the Impressionist through the Cubist eras and beyond has given me insight in how to interpret the landscape in my own way.

I offer original and very affordable artwork which can be viewed on the Available Paintings Link. The Archives 2001-06 and Archives 2007- Present  links show examples of my work now in private collections as well as larger scale work for mural projects. 

 Thank you for your interest.

  David Kirk
PO Box 371 Independence, CA 93526
760 920-1412


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